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A Metal music sharing community dedicated to bringing you the finest in all genres of metal.


mandatory_metal is a music sharing community dedicated to Metal in all its forms. We were created as an alternative to metal_mp3, though in no way is this community's creation meant to be an affront to them.

The focus of mandatory_metal is the new home of "52 Metal Albums You Should Own", a feature created by necrovmx and copied by dethtoll, unrefined_one and dreamaria. These weekly features will bring you important or notable metal albums past and present along with information on the bands and albums themselves.

We are also the home of "40 Years Of Metal" a celebration of 40 years of our favorite genre, from 1968 to 2008.

Both of these features started over at metal_mp3, so for entries not found there, you may find them there.


This community is owned and maintained by necrovmx with additional moderation by dethtoll and scottica0. Additional mods may be selected as the community grows, but there are no plans currently to select any more. necrovmx is the final arbiter of all disputes and makes the final decisions on all moderation. dethtoll was brought in for his vast knowledge of metal and experience as a moderator.

What's in the past, is past, and all moderators are expected to lead by example. The power to hire and fire moderators lies solely with necrovmx. Mods are expected to follow the same rules as the members.

To contact mandatory_mp3 management

Owner/Maintainer necrovmx
Y!: crookedstepvmx
Email/Googletalk: necrovmx at gmail.com
MSN: necrovm@hotmail.com (this email address is for IM purposes only and is not checked.

Moderator dethtoll
AIM: dethtolldotmid
Steam: 0wtf0dethtoll
Email: LHCLEGION@gmail.com

Moderator scottica0
AIM: scottica is live


1: All genres of metal are welcome here.

1-A: If you think an upload does not belong here, bring this directly to the attention of a moderator or the owner/maintainer. Do not accost a person or harass them for posting something in any situation. Management will review the situation and take the necessary action.

1-B: Under no circumstances is it acceptable to accost or otherwise harass someone for posting a genre that you do not agree belongs here. The decision as to what genres are allowed rests solely with the owner/maintainer.

1-C: Our policy on metalcore and nu-metal is lenient. We do not feel that these genres, at this point in time, post a threat to the community's stability. They are not disallowed, but they are discouraged. Meeting a request or posting an album by a band that falls into these genres will not be a problem, however if it comes to take up a large part of the community then this rule may be subject to change.

1-D: All non-metal work that is related to metal is permitted here. This relationship can be a metal musician (such as Dax Riggs, whose projects have tended increasingly towards alt rock since Acid Bath broke up) or an existing metal band trying out new things (such as Ulver, which after 3 black metal albums abandoned the genre entirely to become ambient avant-garde.)

2: When uploading an album to an upload service please try to use one of our preferred services, which are currently: Megaupload, Mediafire, FileFactory and DivShare. Do not use paid URL forwarding, and do not use any service that demands the downloader sign up for an account.

2-A: The use of yousendit is prohibited.

2-B: You may not accost or otherwise harass a person for using an upload service that you dislike. The uploader is providing you with music for free, and you have no right to complain. If for some reason you cannot use the upload service, politely request the album be reuploaded on a different service. Uploaders are under no obligation to heed these requests.

2-C: When fulfilling a request, do NOT post your upload as a comment in the original thread. Make a new post so everyone else can enjoy it.

2-D: If you make a request and then find the album on your own, please let us know, and if possible also post the album.

3: The only format currently allowed for music is the MP3 format.

3-A: All albums must be ripped at a bare minimum of 128kbs.

3-B: It is expected that you are to compress the albums in either ZIP or RAR format. These are the only currently allowed compression formats.

3-C: Files that are password protected are strongly discouraged, and if used, the password must be provided in your post.

4: You will never be banned for simply requesting or posting something that does not meet our criteria. If you request or post something disallowed, you will be told so, and the post will be deleted. However a ban may result if this behavior becomes chronic or if you publicly challenge the decisions of management.

4-A: All decisions may be appealed directly to management via one of the many contact methods listed above. Doing so in the community is detrimental and is prohibited.

5: You are encouraged to make an introductory post that tells us something about you, the bands you like and if possible, include your list or an upload.

6: Absolutely no arguing, fighting, insults, flaming or flame-baiting is allowed. Any problems with users should be brought directly to management via IM or email. Management will take proper action.

7: Please tag your posts. Only moderators can create new tags, but all members can use existing tags when posting a band that does not have a tag, please tag your post with !tagless. Tag your uploads using the band name and your requests with the !requests tag. Every week unfilled requests will be tallied together and compiled into a single post, and will be marked off by a moderator as they are filled.

7-A: Only bands that have released at least three (3) full length studio albums, or are found to be otherwise notable by management will have a tag. Bands that changed names will not have two separate tags. (Example: Rhapsody/Of Fire would include both Rhapsody and Rhapsody Of Fire.)

7-B: For bands that have no existing tag, use the !tagless tag. This includes both bands that have not been posted on the community before and bands that do not have 3 full lengths or are otherwise non-notable.

8: You are encouraged to make your posts a little bit more than just a link. While a plain link is perfectly acceptable, and understandable for people who do not have a lot of time, we would like it if you would include the genre of the album, the album art and any information you have about the band. If you do not feel like writing, a good alternative would be to link to metal-archives or wikipedia's entries for the band.

9: Please do not be a leech. While we acknowledge that many people join these types of communities just to download free music, we would like you to take part in the community. Everyone starts somewhere, and you may not have music to share and we understand that. But please post a comment of thanks when downloading something, or even leave a message letting them know how you liked the album.

10: All images (album covers, for example) that contain nudity, excessively violent images or prominent profanity should be placed under a cut. Some people viewing this community may be young, have relatives looking over their shoulder or they may be visiting from work or school. Examples of images that should be cut include but are not limited to:
- Depiction of Male or Female Genitals or Female Breasts, whether it is sexual or nonsexual, and whether it is a photograph or drawn. (most album covers by the Scorpions)
- Excessively bloody or Gory images (a little bit of blood is okay, but if someone asks for you to cut the image, you should comply.)
- Prominent profanity on the album cover such as an Anal Cunt album.

If you do not know how to do a cut, it works like this: You type in <lj-cut>, then the image, then after the image code, </lj-cut>. If you'd like to include a custom string of text rather than the usual "Read more", then use <lj-cut text="your text here">, where "your text here" is what you'd like to say.

11: The 1:1 rule is in effect here. The rule goes like this: If there is something non-metal that you'd like to post here, then it must be accompanied by a metal album. So, for example, if you wish to upload Aphex Twin, then it should be accompanied by, say, Megadeth.

11-A: Note that this rule does NOT apply to metal-related unmetal work as detailed in rule 1-D, which can still be uploaded freely and by itself.

12: This is an english speaking community. All posts and comments must be made in english.

If you feel that any person has violated these rules, please bring it directly to the attention of management via email or IM.


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